Batting Technique - Playing Spin


Using your feet

Look to get to the ball on the half volley or on the full - negate the spin. Go to the ball, to hit straight, long on or through cow corner, leg side of the ball to create some room to hit either through extra cover.



Watch the ball out of the bowlers hand, judge the early flight of the ball and length allowing you time to get in a good, balanced position to play the shot.

Extremely important to be able to read the flight, trajectory and pace of the ball inorder to process the length.



Wherever possible look to hit through the ball. Looking to drive when you get to the pitch of the ball and to defend and cover the spin when you don't. Have the discipline and mindset to be able to adjust your shot.



1. Working the ball into gaps square of the wicket, manipulate the field.

2. Along the ground to long on and long off positions.

3. Lofted over mid on mid off and then extra cover and mid wicket.


Coaches Notes

1. Ensure that you are landing your throws on the right length. Get the player to double step and mark the area either with some chalk or two cones either side of the wicket as a reference for you.