Lincoln FieldHouse- Video Analysis

You do a lot of things well here. Watching the ball onto the bat, full extension of the arms, full impact then rolling the wrists

Batting Short Balls

As you have a jump into the crease sometimes your front foot plant is in my view too closed (pointing to square leg) which doesn't allow your hips to come through easily and impedes your finish.

Almost every shot you bring your back foot towards the leg side which to me is a negative trigger. The shots are pretty good, full face of the bat and high elbow but I would like to try and eliminate it if possible

Batting Short Ball

In this clip you have got your foot straighter which allows the hip to come through eaiser and finish your action.

June 2019 - Lincoln Fieldhouse

At times your finish is inconsistent (a little lazy) and as a result you are not as consistent as you could be.