Chilli Bostwick - Video Analysis

The Load up arm gets disconnected from your body making the action inefficient. The arm path on release is not bad but this can lead to the deliveries being inconsistent.

Bowling Load Up

The run up path is at an angle which I quite like, the feet are not being replaced which is good but you need more momentum into the crease as you don;t have the upper body strength yet to muscle the ball down the other end.

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When playing the short balls you tend to drop the back elbow opening the bat face and hitting the ball up. Your hands are nice and high and need to work on extend the arms fully and hitting down on the ball

Batting Short Ball

We have tried to bowl "conventional" method and that is up to you how you feel and whether you can see any benfits  but as discussed I feel it may provide consistency. More drive through the crease will assist a slightly quicker delivery.


Your bat starts out towards point/gully which means the bat path has to arc. The good thing is that you are still presenting the full face of the bat but there is a gap between bat and pad.

Bat Path

You are continually moving through this shot. To impact maximum power and maintain balance you need to be hitting from a still and stable base. Also desicion to play this one off the front foot maybe not the best choice

Batting Short Ball

With the cut shot you are stepping to far to the off side almost cramping yourself. Try to limit this to just covering off stump the use the extension of the arms to maximise the power through the shot

Batting Short Ball

The front foot is parallel to the crease before the back foot comes behind you getting your hips side on but your shoulders sqaure, which is not a safe action.

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