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Sessions - Jayden Rae

Pre Season 2019/2020

5th June 2019

Focus : Batting and Bowling Analysis




For Analysis and basis to work from

10 Balls Full - 10 Balls Short - 10 Balls Spin

Video - Batting

Batting - Front Foot Drives

Under Arm Double Bounce - Wanger Full - Hitting through the V

Present full face of the bat - ball to go where it is supposed to go - Balanced & Good Head Alignment

19th June 2019

Focus : Batting




Try to ensure that you are hitting from a stable base.

Warm up using cones behind feet as a reminder to keep the back foot planted


Batting - Using your feet to spin

Catching the ball, drop drill, underarms, over arms then back foot drop drills and hitting zones

Decision to get down the wicket or using the depth of the crease, picking the gaps