Being Active for those with physical and development disabilities is the key.

Organised physical activities for those with physical and or developmental disabilities is important.

Some of the benefits are obvious in terms of fitness and well being, but for those with developmental disabilities, cognitive development, balance, ROM, agility and mobility are so important to improving their skill set, building self-esteem and with that their enjoyment in their given sport.

Coaching Cricket is inclusive and is offering people of all abilities the opportunity to participate in activities that will extend and challenge them.... Stay tuned for the dates that will be released soon.

We understand that at times integrating those with and those without disabilities is not always possible, and we cater for this, but the end goal is to have them both on the same playing field. Trying to unify people of all abilities is a concept that is not widely known, not achievable for all players but we must try to take an integrated approach.

Let's give people the opportunity to participate in a team and encourage them to be successful in their endeavours.

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