Don't Over Analyse

The old saying "paralysis by analysis" is so true. There are some players that are over critical of every movement they make that they almost seem robotic. Analysis is important but if you go overboard it can affect your fluidity.

Fluidity is not a word that is used a lot in cricket but I have found that it sums up the natural flow of a batting or bowling action quite well. Everything should come naturally and move without hinderance towards an end result. This comes from practice (there is no substitute) but I have come across a few players over the last few weeks that are so focused on the angle of the bat or their stride length that it consumes them and they forget the most important point of batting..... hitting the ball.

Use analysis for your benefit not to your detriment.

My point is that with mobile phones, video and performance analysis software is easily accessible and sometimes people can look for things that are not there or have very little relevance to their faults. You still need to be able to interpret the analysis and understand the fundamentals of how the body moves, the chain of events that get strung together to accomplish the shot or bowl the ball.

Analysis definitely has a place in the game of cricket and I think it is even more important at the top level where improvement is down to the one percenters but when you are just starting on your cricketing journey work on building a solid foundation of the basics, from this you can then take your game to the next level. Sometimes you don't have to sit there thinking about what went wrong when you got bowled but simply acknowledge that it was a good nut. Learn from your mistakes (we all make them) but don't analyse them to the point where your focus is not on scoring runs or taking wickets.... the game just isn't fun anymore if it gets to that stage.

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