Failure is a Part of Cricket...

If you play cricket, you will have to learn to deal with failure. It's unlike sports where you are likely to get a second chance, batting is unforgiving, once the umpire raises the finger that's it for your innings.

Sometimes you get a bad call or sometimes luck just isn't on your side, most times you get yourself out and on occasions the bowler is just too good, but learning to own the outcome will allow you to identify and work towards making your game better.

Anger at being dismissed is a natural emotion, which you need to control, but it really doesn't solve too much. You are still out and chances are you will need a new bat for the next game. The way I look at it is that we all make mistakes... we are all human and as batsmen we usually get out making the wrong decision i.e. rush of blood hitting a half tracker down cow corner's throat. The key is learning from it and working towards addressing it. Doing nothing is not an answer.

Don't stay angry at yourself, "forgive" yourself. You chose to play cricket, you chose to play that shot and on this occasion it didn't come off but it was the risk you took with the aim to succeed. There is nothing to be ashamed of but you need to own your performance. Blaming everything for the dismissal is denial and won't see you progress your cricket very far.

This doesn't mean you have to over analyse and tear your game apart and start again, it might just have been a sticky wicket and you played too early popping it back to the bowler for a soft dismissal. Understanding your game and what on this occasion went wrong means you can do something about it, in this case perhaps working on letting the ball come to you playing it under your eyes, rather than pushing hard at it.

"Failure is not the opposite of success; it's part of success" - Arianna Huffington

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