Get Buy In and Build Relationships

As coaches in sport and managers/owners in business we need to set the foundation for motivating athletes and employees to buy into the culture, values and vision of the club or business.

Have you ever experienced elation when one of your athletes or employees finally get something. It could be they get their running technique right, or play a shot correctly or achieve a task that you have been instructing them on…. And you are happier than they are?

If athletes or employees are not getting excited about achieving something it could be that they either don’t really see the benefit (Buy In) or don’t have the motivation to excel. For athletes and employees to to be with you for the long haul they need to be driven and believe in the ultimate goal or vision.

To build relationships we need to find commonality, things we can relate too. It could be personal interests, have the same goal and work towards the same outcomes or on the other scale have experienced or have the same issues. There has to be a point or points that we can relate too.

We also need to be able to further their skill sets. If an athlete or employee has an environment where they can continually learn and improve on their current baseline, be challenged but ultimately work towards their goal, they are more likely to be a part of the team and pull in the right direction. This could be a promotion at work, achieving a diploma or setting a State qualifying time. If they are more competent and confident in what they are doing chances are they will be enthusiastic to continue on the journey.

Lastly we need to establish a framework in which the athlete or employee can take ownership to achieve the desired outcomes. Someone who takes ownership is invested in the big picture.

All of this leads to motivation to succeed and grow. As a coach or business owner you have to maintain and improve the motivation levels in order to achieve “buy in”. By doing this it also develops a stronger relationship with the athlete / employee, a key to success.

To lead, you need to show others that you know what you are doing, are knowledgeable, have experience and a proven track record. If they are confident that you know what you are doing it makes it easier for them to trust you and will make the learning curve easier. You have the jump on them in terms of experience and be open to share the good ones and the lessons learnt from the bad ones.

Take the time and have an open mind to listen…. Something we are not always good at doing. We can learn from a fresh perspective and or idea. Don’t be dismissive as this impacts on the relationship and ultimate buy in.

As coaches or employers the journey is a long and hard one if we don’t bring others along with us. The results are dependent upon having the players or employees that believe in what they are doing, are motivated by that, have the same outcome in mind and can benefit from it. There has to be something in it for everyone.

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