Goal Setting

I am a big believer in Goal setting whether it be as simple as running the City 2 Surf or starting your own business. If you want it badly enough and can itemise the steps you need to take to achieve it all of a sudden this impossibility becomes possible.

A dream is simply your goal without any direction or path to achieve it. By setting yourself a path and milestones to achieve you are turning that dream into a reality. All your goals and well made plans mean nothing unless you take action.

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The actions need to be specific and measurable and given a set time to accomplish.

Lets make up an example:

Goal : I want to be rich..... this is not specific enough you might want to perhaps say I want to have $1,000,000.00 in the bank in a years time.

What this has done is given you a target that in a years time you can measure as you have set a deadline to the goal. Great start but to me $1,000,000.00 in a year is a lot of money so I need to be realistic because no matter how hard I work there is no way that I can achieve this and without it being realistic I am never going to succeed. So lets review this:

I want to have $100,000.00 in the bank in a years time.... better

OK so that is what I want to achieve but how am I going to get there? Small steps (mini goals). If you break it down it all becomes a bit clearer and you can then focus on what you need to do to get there. I might for example break down the income I am looking at getting into months. January is school holidays so if I run a few more clinics I could have a good month so perhaps $15,000.00. February everyone is back at school and I pickup some work through the schools and still do my one on ones so perhaps $10,000.00. March cricket is coming to an end so less private sessions and club sessions so $5,000.00 and so on.

By doing this I am being realistic and understand better where I need to pick up more work to achieve my $100,000.00 goal. Now in January I said that I could run a few more clinics but without taking action those clinics will never take place. So I might break these down into a Skills Camp, School Holiday Clinic and Pop Ups. Without people knowing about them no one will come so my plan might look like this.

1. Secure Grounds and facilities for the clinics - January 2nd

2. Ensure I have enough coaches available to run them - January 3rd

3. Advertise the clinics via Social Media and emails - January 4th

I would then break down each of the clinics into steps I need to take to make sure that the run smoothly and that everything is catered for. I like to be prepared, it minimises the stress and takes care of the majority of scenarios and issues that might arise. So if I do this for the entire year, keep track by month of my income and ensure that I am on target then all is well.... but it doesn't always go to plan, take for example my January school holiday clinics... the weather has been terrible, thunderstorms and plenty of wet days and all those sessions are cancelled.... what then? Do I just give up and shrug my shoulders? If I do it means that I never really wanted it in the first place, I liked the idea but wasn't prepared to work hard and sacrifice a few things along the way to achieve it.

In the best made plans and goals there will be speed bumps and hazards you need to negotiate but you have to have the resilience to fight your way through them and get yourself back on the path to success. In the above example if the weather was terrible I would have perhaps found an indoor facility... there is always a way.

Have a go at goal setting and if you need a hand just send me an email or enquiry through the website. Work towards your dreams and make them a reality.

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