Practice with Purpose

Training should not be confused with messing around... dotty is not training. Yes it is fun and you are hitting balls but everything has a purpose and in this case its having some fun with your mates.

Training/Practice has to have a purpose. What are you working on, why are you working on it and how will it benefit your game? Once this is clear in your mind, you can evaluate your training session and either tick it off or mark it as a work in progress, either way there has to be a progression during that session to meet the end objective.

Training without a coach can be hard, but if you find team mates or friends that are as driven to improve as you are then get them to work with you and you work with them to have a quality session. The key here is QUALITY. You can't work on your drives if the ball is reaching you chest high, taking a bit of time to work on how to do drop downs, throw downs. practicing with the sidearm, or setting the bowling machine correctly will make a huge difference to whether you leave that session having utilised the time to benefit your game or having wasted your time.

Then it's down to repetition. Keep working at it until it is engrained and is starting to come naturally, instinctively.... then practice it again. Challenge yourselves, you will never improve if you don't extend yourselves and get out of your "comfort zones".

You don't have to have 20 different drills but chose the ones that will allow you to get the results you desire. Often making a scenario in the nets or centre wicket allows you to see the outcomes better and therefore give you the confidence to play those shots in a game.

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