The Road to the Top isn't always Fun

It's true in life as it is in all sports, there are no shortcuts. In everything you do, you have to nail the "basics" before attempting the more "adventurous" shots and variations.

Having coached for a number of years you see the players that are always trying something new, this week its a long run up next it's bowling spin or the batsman that struggles to defend their wicket yet is always playing the switch hit or ramp shot.

I believe that you have to do what is required in order for you to improve and unfortunately some of these tasks are boring, but necessary. Repetition (doing the same thing over and over again) is a fundamental part of bettering your game and the sooner you, as an athlete acknowledge and accept this the more comfortable you will become with your own game.

As coaches we try to find ways to make these drills a little bit more fun whilst still focusing on the fundamentals of them, but we can't get too imaginative as it will detract from the outcomes we want you to achieve. Some drills that have been used for decades don't need to be jazzed up, they are trusted and work so why not keep things simple and follow a tried and trusted method?

When we talk about repetition we mean doing the drill correctly over and over again until it becomes a habit and you can execute it well consistently. Many top players when they are struggling with a particular shot, say for example the timing of a pull shot, will head to the nets put the bowling machine to bounce short and simply play the same shot for hours. That is the commitment required to succeed.

When you are still starting out on your cricketing journey you won't face the bowling machine too often but you will get drop drills and underarm feeds by the bucket load and this is something you should learn to embrace rather than roll your eyes at. I do a little drill where from drop feeds players need to hit some cones 12m away, off, straight and on drives, and in my eyes until you can consistently knock them over, you still have to prove yourself. The same goes for bowling and fielding, until you get your run up right or consistently hit the top of off or learn to catch that high ball consistently the basic drills will continue and when you do become proficient at these skills there is a good chance we will revisit them again at some stage.

They call the cricket path a journey and that is because it takes time, and no you are "not there yet", most players even at the pinnacle of cricket have aspects of their game they continue to work on. Remember no one is born a superstar.

To find out how to progress your cricket and drills that will help you along your path become a member and these but many more tips and hints will be available to you.

The journey to top level cricket is a hard one that takes patience and perseverance

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