At the start of a season teams and clubs review their values, those words that define what the club or team is about, believe in and stand for. So what makes those words so strong?

Words on their own are just that, the words can be things like respect, honesty, determination, but unless these words are truly what the club and its members stand for they will mean nothing. You have to get player buy in, they have to have a say in what they want them to be to ensure that they are meaningful and will be adopted and enacted upon moving forward.

In teams this is easy, for a team will get together and decide what it means to them to represent their state/country. In clubs you can't get everyone involved as this would take way too long but you do need to get the leadership group (those players that are respected and an integral part of the club involved). Coming from a club President, that no one really knows doesn't hold as much water as from those legends of the club that inspire the next generation.

Values help shape the culture in a club. Culture is bigger than any player, coach or president, it is the foundation on which the club should be built on and no matter who comes and goes that same culture will be in place for others to follow. Teams like the All Blacks have been dominant over a long period of time because their culture and core values haven't really changed and every player that has the honour of putting on the jumper is aligned with them.

So as we approach the start of this coming cricket season, take a look at where your club/team is and where they should be. Weed out those detractors (superstars or not) and build something that is long lasting, short term pain for long term gain.

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