Why are injuries to Fast Bowlers more prevalent today?

I agree, there have always been injuries to bowlers in their quest to bowl fast, the loads on the body are high and as much as the focus is rightly on injury prevention I can't help but feel that the youth of today are more susceptible due to one aspect.... specialising too early.

Hand Eye Coordination

My mantra has always been develop the ATHLETE and the sportsman with flourish. That goes for any sport. Today, we have cameras and software to analyse bowling actions on our mobile phones, better access to biomechanic information, weights, gyms, personal trainers, physios, you name it but if not used correctly and on an individual basis, is it effective?

General strength and conditioning is a must for all of us, sports people or not, but if you are knocking on the door of greater honours seeking a PT that understands the demands of fast bowling would be my recommendation. However, it does not mean that you put all your eggs in one basket, everyone that can play as many sports as they can for as long as they can, will have what no gym will ever be able to give them. There is so much to gain from playing other sports, agility, coordination and athleticism to name a few.

The other point I would like to make is based on bowling work loads. Are we wrapping bowlers in cotton wool? How do we prepare bowlers to be "match ready" when they bowl 6 overs at training and expect them to bowl 10 - 20 overs a game or over a weekend? The old adage of you get better by doing what you do (in this case bowling) is true even in todays society. We speak about creating a repeatable and trusted action, isn't repetition something we as coaches advocate, muscle memory, trust your run up, consistency? I am not advocating bowling a 15 year old for 2 hours at training, what I am saying is to not paint everyone with the same brush, teenagers develop at different rates some 15 year olds are physically already men or ladies 6 ft plus and well built, others remain teenagers but at some stage everyone catches up. The key word for me is MANAGE workloads on a case by case basis and on what you want them to be able to deliver in games.

My advice to youngsters out there, is become an athlete by playing as many sports as possible, do all you can to reduce the risk of injuries but they are a part of life and a hazard of being active.

Agility and Athleticism

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