Why Should I???

Having just seen a post about a Japanese side making sure that the facility they just finished playing at was clean and tidy, it reminded me of the All Blacks and their values of leaving the change room tidy, of seeing a note from the Japanese during the World Cup thanking those that maintained the facilities and grounds after cleaning up the change rooms and Justin Langer picking up water bottles from the dug out after a BBL game..... Why do they do it?

Photo by Jan Laugesen

I hear way too often these days its not my job or I didn't do it..... Why should I??? In the cases above does it contribute to the on field victories and performances? How does picking up rubbish and leaving the change room neat and tidy correlate to a tick in the wins column? Most people will never see it, but my perspective is slightly different. In a previous Blog I wrote about culture, a word that will outlive any members of any club, national or state side. This culture is what makes the difference.

Successful teams work together, believe in the fundamentals and most importantly stay grounded. It's an all in attitude, team mates will pull each other up if doing the wrong thing and look after each other. They have a common goal and all strive towards achieving it. If one player does the wrong thing and is allowed to get away with it then that's when you start getting rifts and that unity becomes divided. Team mates should have enough trust and respect for each other to say something to the one or two "superstars" that detract from the teams core values, simply because it is affecting the rest of the team. If you care enough you will tell them to pull their heads in knowing that you will have the support of the rest of your team mates, coach and club. If they don't like it, the harsh reality is that the team and club are most probably better off without them.

So as a team and a club how do you want to be remembered this coming season and those yet to come? The most important thing that cricket teaches us is respect. Respect for the game, yourself, your team mates, your opponents, umpires, coaching team, club etc... with respect comes Pride. So take pride in the opportunity that has been given to you to use the facilities that have been put on for you to be able to play this great game, its a privilege not a right.

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